Take a look at all of our treatments, from facials to pedicures, we have something for everyone. Whether you want to treat yourself to a massage, pedicure or go out into town with some stunning semi-permanent lashes, we offer a range of treatments to suit.


Strip Wax

Tea tree warm wax is used for an effective waxing treatment that will leave skin smooth and hair free.

Half leg25 mins £20.00Book
Three quarter leg30 mins £22.00Book
Full leg40 mins £26.00Book
Fore arm30 mins £20.50Book
Full arm40 mins £24.00Book

Hot Wax

For your more delicate areas of waxing, use our virtually pain free hot wax, made from natural resins and oils to soothe and calm the skin whilst removing even short hairs.

Lip25 mins£12.00Book
Chin25 mins£12.00Book
Lip & chin30 mins£16.00Book
Underarm25 mins£18.00Book
Basic bikini30 mins £20.00Book
High bikini30 mins £28.00Book
G string40 mins £35.00Book
Brazilian45 mins £39.50Book
Hollywood45 mins £39.50Book

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow shape25 mins£14.00Book
Eyebrow tint*25 mins£14.00Book
Eyelash tint*30 mins£15.00Book
Lash and brow tint30 mins£25.00Book
Eyebrow shape & tint30 mins£25.00Book

Transform your eyes with stunning semi-permanent lash extensions, applied to your own individual lashes for a glamorous new look. This treatment may take up to 2 hours so please allow plenty of time, to maintain your lashes we recommend an infill every two weeks.

Lash lift75mins£48.00Book
Full set lash extensions130 mins£70.00Book
2-week infill75 mins£40Book
3-week infill90 mins£50Book
Close up of professional painting by white and glossy acrilyc paint nails on foot. Specialist in beauty salon making french pedicure for female client. Relaxing at beauty salon, caring about nails.


File and polish30 mins£22.00Book
Mini pedicure45 mins£28.50Book
Spa pedicure60 mins£38.50Book
Spa pedicure with paraffin wax75 mins£42.00Book
Gel pedicure60 mins£38.50Book
Gel soak off pedicure30 mins£20.00Book
Add removal15 mins£6Book

Please allow 15 minutes after treatment for drying time with any polish and remember your open toe shoes for pedicures. You can enjoy a complimentary drink from our range of teas, coffees and cordials.


Treat yourself to a luxury manicure with our beautiful polishes. Soften and hydrate the hands, nails and cuticles.

File and polish30 mins£22.00Book
Mini manicure45 mins£26.50Book
Spa manicure60 mins£36.50Book
Spa manicure with paraffin wax75 mins£40.00Book
Gel manicure50 mins£36.50Book
Gel soak off manicure30 mins£20Book
Add removal15 mins£6Book
Nail art15 mins50p
per finger

Nail Enhancemments

Hard Gel Overlays75 mins£40.00Book
Infills90 mins£40.00Book
Nail extensions120 mins£55.00Book

Hands and Feet care

Mini manicure & pedicure90 mins£51.00Book
Spa manicure & pedicure120 mins£68.00Book
Gel120 mins£68Book



This top of the range product line is designed to hydrate, soften, cleanse and rejuvenate skin, suitable for all skin types, each facial is designed to treat any concern.

Mini SkinCeutical custom facial30 mins£40.00Book
SkinCeutical custom facial60 mins£62.50Book

Skin Peels

A highly active facial to target fine lines, blemishes and skin texture, a course of 5 treatments is recommended for best results, please see instore for pre peeling advice and patch test.

SkinCeutical glycolic peel glow facial60 mins£65.00Book

* These treatments require a patch test 24 hours before treatment commences. Please come in and see us if you have any queries, or for a free consultation for any treatment.


The ultimate treatment in anti ageing, this facial machine uses a pain free micro current to target individual facial muscles firming and toning for the ultimate lift.

A course of 10 treatments is recommended for the best results

Signature non-surgical facial60 mins£62.50Book
Signature course£525Book
Synergy advance non-surgical facial90 mins£85.00Book
Advance course£750.00Book
Jowl lift30 mins£40.00Book
Jowl lift course£340.00Book
Synergy purifying45 mins£55Book
Eye revive45 mins£55Book


Back, neck and shoulder30 mins£40.00Book
Full body60 mins£62.50Book
Pregnancy massage30 mins£40.00Book
Lava shell back, neck
and shoulder
30 mins£45.00Book
Lava shell full body60 mins£70Book

Male Waxing

Ears/nostrils25 mins£14.00Book
Eyebrow shape25 mins£14.00Book
Chest wax30 mins£20.00Book
Back 30 mins£30.00Book
Chest & abdomen45 mins£30.00Book
Back, chest & abdomen75 mins£50.00Book